As the old saying goes: “we go over everything with a fine-tooth comb.” Thoroughness is the key to good cleaning. At Michael’s, we sweat the details. We make sure nothing is overlooked or unaccounted for. Long before the cleaning begins, we assess: 1) your building layout, 2) your specific needs and 3) the most effective, efficient solution. We study your building carefully—analyzing the functionality of the layout, as well as hours of operation—before determining what the most beneficial, least intrusive program is for you.

Consistent & Dependable

We pride ourselves for being on time and not leaving until the job’s done right.

The Right Program for You

We offer a range of specific options for your company, even the placement of a full-time associate on site if necessary. We can even contract with buildings under construction to help determine flooring and easy-to-maintain materials. For all projects—both large and small—we ensure dependability by utilizing an efficient, automated time-keeping system to deliver on-time performance, thoroughness and reliability.

Detailed List of Tasks

Before we begin every new venture, we provide clients with a detailed proposal that clearly lists specific services and tasks. Our services are not “one size fits all”—rather, we customize a program for you: giving you the services you need and nothing you do not. In addition to establishing a thorough cleaning program, we make sure our employees “go the extra mile” to leave your space neat, straight and organized.

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