About Us

We started OUT where you are now:
A business in need of cleaning solutions.

Michael Ratcliff spent three decades in the Healthcare Industry, the majority of those years as the Director of six outpatient facilities. One of his major frustrations was finding a dependable, high-quality janitorial service. “More than most industries, the medical industry demands cleanliness—it’s ‘a must’ to ensure a healthy environment for patients.”

Determined to make a difference in the medical industry, Michael opened his own janitorial company in 1997, with the primary focus of providing premium cleaning services to large health-care facilities. In the past 20 years, Michael’s Janitorial & Floor Service has expanded to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for a wide range of industries and facilities—including large “business campuses” with multi-story office buildings.

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Quality Assurance Program

To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, Michael’s has developed a quality assurance program that provides feedback to both the customer and the staff performing the work. Site inspections are performed by a trained supervisor—and customized to coincide with your site tasks schedule. This is a unique approach in the industry. One that we adhere to strictly. It has proven, time and again, to be an exceptional program to facilitate clear communication and more efficient performance with clients and staff.

We Pride Ourselves on a Spotless Reputation

A good reputation is earned: It takes years to earn but only seconds to lose. We train and supervise our staff to ensure that proper standards and best practices for cleaning are followed consistently.

We Believe in Promoting Wholistic Wellness, By:


Deep-cleaning dirt, grime and germs on floors and surfaces.


Alleviating dust and allergens in the air.


Properly sanitizing your entire facility.

Michael's Janitorial

Cleaning with Purpose.
Bettering the Quality of Life Through Service.

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